Thursday, 18 January 2018

Works In Progress - A Buffet

Now we know,

I really need to sit down and A) reply to comments and B) take some more pictures of miniatures! I have progress on the Sergeants from the previous post and I've got other bits and bobs painted or going on, but no pictures of them. So I thought I'd just show you some of my built pictures of Primaris marine stuff that is either awaiting some paint or has some on but no pictures...

I haven't decided on the chest guns for the Redemptor, between the fragstorm launchers and the bolt option. The random shots of the fragstorm put me off a little compared to the reliability of the storm bolters. Any thoughts on which to go for? I think I am points malleable for both.

This chap has sanguinary guard wings purely because they look cool. No other justification than that! He's also just a regular lieutenant as you can't give the Primaris one a jump pack, but I wanted all my mini's to be Primaris sized. I've written a little fluff around that which I will get in to when he is painted and has his own post.

I wanted the ancient to be a little more "FORWARD!!" than the static pose given in the Dark Imperium box. So I just kitbashed this very simple conversion for a little more dynamism.

And then here we have the Chapter Master (or Captain) his-self. Ignore the hair... Again this chap is just a regular marine rather than Primaris but I have built him in the Gravis armour and added the jump pack to represent the Armour Indomitus relic. I feel that works well enough with the weight of it. 

This chap is actually almost finished so I should have some pictures of him up sooner rather than later...

That's all folks!

Peace out,


Monday, 15 January 2018

Deathguard Progress and In Action!!

Nurgle's blessing upon thee,

So as well as painting up my own Primaris marines I have also been working on both Deathguard and Ravenwing for commissions. Unfortunately with the Deathguard I didn't take proper pictures of the last few models before they were picked up by Winters for gaming with. Here are a few snaps of them as he saw them before they ended up in his pocket.

Minor conversion work was done on the Daemon prince to Nurgle him up a bit, though it looks better after I had covered him in gore and such like. 

So if you want to see the prince and these tanky tanks in action, here is the video on Winters' channel where they see first use!

And if you haven't already stumbled across it, this is me playing Winters with some Deathwing which are also a commission painted army that I still have hanging around for a couple more months till they are picked up.

That's all for today my friends. Tune in Thursday to see some Redemption action ;)

Peace out,


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sons of Wrath - Inceptors

Well hello there,

These Inceptor chaps were a dang pain in the arse to build! I hate the stand they come with and I wanted this army to have a real sense of moving forward, so much painstaking time was spent getting strange looks from the neighbours as I bashed rocks into pieces in my garden. I then reconstructed the rocks, aiming to give the Inceptors a sense of weight as they landed or took off, shattering the rocks beneath them. With... variable results...

A huge amount of work left on these guys. All the jets need glow adding, and all the vent flaps needed heat treating as well. Plus the usual smoothing out of the red/orange and the grey. But again, they are tabletop ready at least so there's that. 

I'll be popping up some Deathguard on Monday so it won't all be Imperial scum. Wait, what...?

Peace out,


Monday, 8 January 2018

The Sons of Wrath - Primaris Marines!

Hello again,

Twice in a week, oh boy I'm on fire! One of the main things I have been painting for my personal use in my absentee period has been my Primaris Space marines. I've been trying out a very different look to my usual painting style and so these have taken much longer than usual to get up to any sort of level for using on the battlefield. 

Today I'm just going to show you some of the Intercessors and Hellblasters in their current state. Aside from needing to touch up various points of the models in order to smooth the colours out, I need to apply, chapter, squad and rank marking as well as apply some minor battle damage. So not a lot!!!

The schemes for the sergeants will be the inverse of this and then the HQ's and other individual elites will also have differing schemes of grey and orange. Here are a few snaps of Sergeants in early stages of painting:

That's all for today, but I hope it whets your appetite for this force. I'm hoping to have a whole 2000 points finished to at least the standard of the Intercessors at the start by the end of this month so they will at least be table top quality to play some games with. 

Peace out,


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Garruk's Reavers! And A Return to Blogging...

Blogging... I haven't heard that name in a while...

Hello again dear readers!

Well, that is if I have any left after my rather long hiatus away from posting! A lot has happened in my life in the space of time since my last post. I have been working very hard to publish papers and get my thesis written up for one thing, and I have also had a wedding to plan... and actually get married!

Me and my (now) wife, Serena, tied the knot on the 27th of December 2017 and we are both very happy :). 

Between work, future job hunting,  marriage and spending time with Serena I have't had as much time to put into the hobby. So out of all my hobby outlets, it was blogging that suffered. However I have been very busy bustling away in the background painting miniatures for myself and others. So I have plenty to show you!

I am aiming to get slowly back into blogging with some drip feed regular content. For now I am aiming to post on a Monday and Thursday and then I will add extra posts as and when I can. Hopefully there will still be something to interest many of you, though I have resigned myself to the blog viewership and traffic being of a considerably reduced size.

Anyway, that's enough of my excuses for being absent!

Recently I acquired the Shadespire and as a break from my other projects and in a bid to do some overdue practise on skin tones, I painted Garruk's Reavers. Here's some close up pictures of them mostly finished!

These guys were painted over a couple of evenings and I was mostly trying to have a go at different skin types, rather than just rely on the same old formulas over and over. I'm quite pleased with how some of them have turned out, though I think I am most pleased with some of the scar tissue more than anything. 

I need to tidy bits of them up and maybe add some blood splatter, though with the simpler paint style I have gone with I don't know if they will look better without it. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

It's good to be back, I hope you are as pleased as I am.

Peace out,